Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Japan conquers the Universe!

Yes finally Japan bring home the mikimoto crown of the 2007 Ms universe Pageant. it was great show though the opening number was not that fabulous and power full as compare to the older years. still it was sexy and very modern Ala Victoria secret fashion show. the show started with the final parade of the nation in there national costume. this will be the last time you will see the candidate in there national costume cause starting next year they will not ask to bring it anymore. the show was very controversial starting from the fall of ms USA in her evening gown ramp to the booing of the Mexicans during the final question. i cant understand why they have to boo Ms USA if they hate whats goin on with U.S immigration policy then ms USA is not the right person to blame even Donald or the miss universe org. go to the white house and do your thing. anyway enough with unglamorous part of the pageant. this years pageant was Asian VS Latinas, dang what a cat fight 4 Asians beauties up against the 4 Latina powerhouse. but in the end an Asian ruled the universe. i really love her catwalk damn looks like she will eat the stage.Judges finally realized that there is beauty outside the Americas. again Congratulation Ms Riyo Mori of Japan. i still think of Kurara Chibanna though.

Ms Tanzania in her swimsuits

The top 10 in there Swimsuits

The Final 5

Ms Philippines bring home the Ms Photogenic

One of my Favorite to win Ms Thailand

Riyo Mori of Japan in Costume

Ms Korea Honey Lee looking cute in her Costume

The Fall of Ms USA

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Friday, May 25, 2007

I Hate Victoria Beckham

i definitely cream on my panties when i saw this pictures of david beckham adjusting his wiener while playing against Recreativo Huelva in madrid. damn i just don't know what to do right now should i kill posh? hehe

Thursday, May 24, 2007

and yes its.......JORDIN SPARKS

The PowerFull Singer crown as the newest american idol. too bad wasnt able to watch the finale cause its bein broadcast here in the philippines at 8 am im still in lala land at that time. but when i watched there finale performance last night i can say Jordin really nailed it damn. especially when she sang Christina Aguillera's Fighter. she is also the youngest american idol ever. i definitely goin to watch the replay show later at 10 pm its 9:18 pm here now so a few minutes to go. Congratulation Jordin

Miss Universe 2007

Miss Universe is coming to town. and i cant still get over by the lost of Kurara Chibana of japan last year to Miss Puerto Rico. i really really thought she was going to win, she was the crowd favorite. well i guess judges just like girls who went under the knife. anyway this years pageant will take place on may 28 at mexico city. there will 77 delegates from the different parts of the world.representative of japan this year is also fierce but not as fierce like kurara she will always be my favorite japanese girl. anyway i have my own top 10 already i always have it every year. anyway here is mine for this year.

Flaviana Matata

Riyo Mori

Natalia Guimaraes

Rachel Smith

Honey Lee

Puja Gupta

Doukissa Nomikou

Maria Teresa Licaros

Eileen Roca

10. Albania
Sadina Alla