Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pretty Preggers

Here's a better angle to see Christinas baby bump.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Another Hotness of the Week: Yummy Mario Lopez

I was supposed to post only one hotness every week but i cant wait next week to post this yummy pic of Mario Lopez in Santa Monica. he will be 34 soon damn all the hot guys are in their 30's.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

J Hud and the City

Jennifer Hudson on the Sex and the City set in New York last tuesday. we all know that she will be playing Carrie's assistant, and just like Perez i have a feeling there will be a little Miranda Priestly slash Andrea Sachs twist in the story Will Carrie goin to be a bad boss to J Hud?

(Image Via Celebitchy)

Hotness of the Week: Shirtless David Charvet

David Charvet playing beach volleyball in Los Angeles. in case u dont know him anymore he is one of the baywatch hunks. he is 35 years old and getting hotter.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Listen To This

Its my last song syndrome for the week. Ashley Tidale's or better known as Sharpay new single "He Said She Said"

Britney Retire

Monday, September 24, 2007

Cant Wait

The girls filmed their first scene together. hayyyy i cant wait to watch it please lord make it May 2008 now.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Celebrity Duets Update

Its a sad day Tim Yap got booted yesterday the 100 peso load i spent to vote him didnt help. anyway Hayden and Tessa is still in the game so its ok. and oh what was Hayden thinking with his hair yesterday? its hideous.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Miss Oscar De La Hoya

On the left corner Oscar "The Tranny" De La Hoya haha i died when i saw these photos of Oscar a world champion boxer in full tranny mode haha that's hot.

but his lawyer already say that they are fake and demanded X17 to remove the pic on their site. ohh now im sad but i love wether its photochopchop or not.

i cant wait for Pacquiao to do it.

(Images Via X17)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Welcome Back Girls

Image Hosting by

"Latimes" have just released a phtographic evidence that Sex and the City The Movie is really happening. everyone in the series has signed on the movie including the hunky Samantha Jone's bf Jason Lewis and a new Carrie's assistant that will be played by the Oscar Winner Jennifer Hudson. oh gosh i cant believe its all happening this is a dream come true for me im so not over Sex and the City i have been watching it for over 5 years now hehe thanks to the power of DVD's i got reunited with the girls anytime i want to. the movie set to released in the U.S next year.

To all those who wasnt able to watch the final season here is where the final episode left off:

" In the final episode, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) went to Paris with Aleksandr Petrovsky (Mikhail Baryshnikov). After being ignored by Aleksandr, however, Carrie ran into Big (Chris Noth) and headed back to New York with him. As for the other ladies, Charlotte (Davis) and her hubby Harry (Evan Handler) decided to adopt a baby from China, Miranda (Nixon) showed her softer side by taking care of Steve's (David Eigenberg) sick mother, and Samantha (Cattrall) lost her sex drive after chemo but regained it by the end of the episode, just in time for a romp with Smith Jerrod (Lewis)"

What will happen next? thats we have to wait and see but i do hope Carrie and Big will get Married and Have kids.

Image Hosting by

Sarah Jessica is a manstealer Chris Noth is mine.

Alicia Silverstone Naked

Hot girls also have a place in my blog. here's the newest ad campaign of PETA featuring her hotness Alicia Silverstone naked.

"PETA does know how to get attention".

Pinoy Classic

Last tuesday i was able to watch the infamous Cherie Gil and Sharon Cuneta movie "Bituing Walang Ningning" i wasnt able to watched this movie from top to finish before and last tuesday i make sure i will watched it till the end hehe at sa wakas napanood ko na rin ang pinakasikat na eksena sa balat ng pilikulang pinoy ang "Your nothing but a second rate trying hard,Copycat". and yesterday it was another great film a maricel classic entitiled "Kaya Kung Abutin ang Langit" where she drop the famous line "Ayoko ng Masikip blah blah blah". i enjoyed watching grabe ang mga eksena dito sampalan kung sampalan talaga at ang murahan tumatagos sa buto haha.

i dont actually like tagalog movies but films of the 70's,80's and early 90's are great and worth watching for bongga ang mga eksena at ang script panalo talaga. agree ba kayo?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Brit is so Fucked up

Whats happening to the legendary poopstar? she is soooooo messs up right now well she's mess up since she married k-fed but things just getting worst right now starting from her disastrous VMA performance and now k-fed's almost winning the custody of their kids then her high powered divorce attorney have jut dropped her after that her former bodyguard have testify about her drug addiction,plus ET is reporting about the alleged k-fed assassination and to top it all up SHE WAS BANNED FROM ENTERING CHATEAU MARMONT HOTEL IN WEST HOLLYWOOD because of her inappropriate behavior there during her recent stay.

"Oh Brit"

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hotness of the Week: Bulging Novak Djokovic

Lets start the week with some bulgy pics of serbian tennis hunk Novak Djokovic. and thats what we called "Sirbilicious" yummmm.....


I am so lucky to catch my favorite movie in the whole universe "My Best friends Wedding" in HBO well i actually have thousands of favorite films but i dont usually watch them more than once even if its so oscar winning. but this one i have watched for like million times and i will keep watching it forever hehe well who doesnt? its everybody's favorite romantic flick.

Celebrity Duets Update

Whoa finally Hayden heat up the show i love it deng he rocks it soooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh. for those who wasnt able to watch yesterday Hayden went shirtless baby. well all in all it was great the sensational 6 did a good performance and because they are all good and people loves them so much it was a none elimination round again. cant wait for Jessica Rodriguez to leave the show i dont wanna be mean but i dont like her so feeling.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

J.Lo' Back How's that Shitney

My fellah boricua is back with a new album,new movie and here is the video of her smashing single "Do it Well" thats how a comeback should be.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Beckham 2008 Calendar


The Worst and The Best Dressed List

"People" magazine has released their annual list of best and worst dressed list. i d love checking out their list not for the best dressed but for the "WORST".

Best Dressed 2007

BeyoncĂ© Knowles – The Showstopper

Cameron Diaz – The Legs
Katie Holmes – The Classic
Penélope Cruz - The Continental
Jessica Biel – The All-American
Drew Barrymore – The Chameleon
Jennifer Lopez – The Glamour Girl
Reese Witherspoon – The Celeb Next Door
Gwen Stefani – The Trendsetter
Ali Larter – The Newcomer

Best Dressed Men

David Beckham
George Clooney
Johnny Depp
Terrence Howard
Brad Pitt

Best Dressed Couples

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt
Gabriel Aubry & Halle Berry
Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale
Tony Parker & Eva Longoria

World’s Worst Dresser

Eva Green

Most Shocking Fashion Moments

Britney Spears shaves her head
Sanjaya Malakar’s faux-hawk
Kidnapped British sailors in oversized Iranian suits
Sen. Hillary Clinton’s cleavage
Naomi Campbell’s dress-up for community service
Paris Hilton’s get-out-of-jail get-up

Just Plain Wrong

Sienna Miller in black tights

Avril Lavigne’s combat boots & pink frilly dress

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Everything Gossip

One of my favorite singer Foxy Brown have been sentence for a year in jail for violating her probation after she threw her cell phone at a neighbor who complained when the rapper blasted music from her car.

“Oh, my God, I looked like a fat pig! I looked like a fat pig!”

- Britney Spears, screaming backstage after her disastrous VMA “performance” - according to the new issue of Us Weekly

Kanye is boycotting MTV for not winning the Moon Man Again.

Jennifer Hudson has signed on to star in the up coming movie adaptation of my favotite tv series evah Sex and The City which will start filming this week. i wonder what part have given to her?

Oscar winning actress Resse Witherspoon talks about dealing with press,relationship dynamics,the less seen side of her personality and of course her break up with super hot husband Ryan Phillippe on the October issue of ELLE

Oprah’s pampered pooches stand to inherit a whopping $30million if they happen to outlive their owner.

J.lo presented her newest collection Just Sweet at the NYC fashion week with a infamous baby bump.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hotness of the Week: Wet Cristiano Ronaldo

Another wet and wild pic of the most controversial MU player Cristiano Ronaldo in his house in Portugal. hay so wet and so hot.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

She did it again and again and again and again

Britney show the papz her balding kitty. it happen after her VMA "Rehearsal" on her way to rock Bellagio. i guess she did this to divert the media attention from her disastrous Performance. anyway "Its Britney Bitch"

(Image Via PerezHilton)

Guilty or Not Guilty

Tomorrow is going to be the trial of the controversial president of the country the said trial also will be one of the hottes trial ever in Philippine history. i just hope that things will be fair for erap and for the Filipino. 5 or 6 years ago i was one of the Filipino's who hates erap so much that i wanna crush his bones. but now things have change i do pray now that he will get acquitted anyway he is old and the Philippines has just gotten worser after the arroyo take over.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Fuck Britney

The real Britney is Dead as in Fucking Dead the Britney Who perform at this years VMA was Fake thats not Britney the performance was horrible its dead its sick its boring and she looks drunk and so high she cant even go up the stage the costume sucks everything sucks. MTV should sue her for an awful performance. i was hoping for a massive performance the Britney performance the way she did it in the past. it was rumored that she was working with vegas illusionist Criss Angel but i didnt see any tricks or magic there. i thought britney's comeback will be the biggest comeback ever even bigger than MIMI i was so dissapointed. well Britney really needs more help. so if you are a britney fan pray for her not just a simple our father but go organize a "pilgrimage" bitches save your idol.

Sharpay Rocks

Finally the High School Musical 2 reach the 7,107 islands of the Philippines. me and my sister's world stop yesterday at exactly 7:30 pm yah i know im old for this but damn i love this film to death. anyway the part 2 is way better than the first one but the song's in part 1 is better in my own opinion. the cast looks great except for Sharpay who is so "Fabulus" from head to toe and she is great at bein mean i love her i love her she should have killed the boring Gabriella hehe. now that i have watched the part 2 i have just started my countdown for the third one. High School Musical Rox!!!

My Favorite Scene

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Celebrity Duets Update

Anothey Hayden Kho day have passed hehe. oh boy hayden keeps looking gwapo each week of the competition and he is getting better and better in singing too i so love the video clips they shown for Hayden because he showed off her furry chest while saying "Eto ang totoong Sergio Santibaniez" hehe soooooo cute and sexy. this weeks performances was great i love Dr Manny's performance with Allan K and Tessa of course have wowed me and the judges with her fabulous anime inspired outfit its her birthday anyway. the competition keeps getting better not to mention the celebrity are getting serious with their campaign to win its fun to watched the audience with their campaign paraphernalia some do have a big banners while some wear mask and some holding a life size image of the celebrity. anyway its a non elimination week but if i were to choose one contestant that should be voted of yesterday well its going to be Jessica. cant wait to watch SOP later Hayden and the rest of the gang will be there.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Its Official

The washout poopstar Britney Spear's is goin to open the 2007 VMA in Vegas i dont know what happen to the first plan of madge and justin opening the show.though i hate her to death im still lookin forward for her performance as britney is one of the best performers in VMA history just dont mind her singing but just in case you are somewhere and doin something important dont bother watching her opening act its not that important and just look forward for the performances of Nelly Furtado,Timbaland,Kanye West,Rihanna and many more. Mtv reported that this years VMA is goin to be a sinful one.

Friday, September 07, 2007


Say Goodbye to one of the worlds greatest tenor.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Currently Addicted

Im currently addicted to Sean Kingston beautiful girl well i dont like beautiful girl in fact i wanna kill them whenever i see one hehe. anyway i dedicate this song to myself.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Celebrity Duets Update

Wasn't able to watch anything last Saturday as i was away from the civilization. it means i missed an episode of Celebrity Duets. but thank god there's Internet to keep me updated. The fabulous designer Frederick Peralta says goodbye last Saturday and that's a good news to me hehe hayden is still in the game too bad i wasn't able to watched his performance. but i hope i can find it in you tube later. hayyyyyyyy and its nice to be back home and blogging again.