Monday, October 30, 2006

Im in Love With James Bond

i have never been interested in any james bond movie till i saw casino royale's trailer. i said damn he is sooooo hot i love his bulge and slimmuscled body (pardon with the term) i will definitely watch this movie as soon as it lands in the movie house's here in the philippines and i will for sure will wank while imagining daniel craig F&%$*#@ me hahaha.. i just cant help it im in love with daniel craig i want him now. so if u are in any case related or can do anything to contact daniel please tell him i want him to rape me for atleast 1 month i wont sue him. i sound like a stupid perv here so what this is my blog.

me likey likey this shot nakey and wetty.

ooohh i love men with big guns..

shoooot him baby...

my james bond

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Who Will Be Philippine's Next Top Model

Philippines Big Brother,Deal Or No Deal, And Philippine Idol just some of the International Reality shows making waves on philippine television right now. well filipino's are currently hook to foriegn reality show's right now thats why some producers and leading television companys decided to franchise some of this hit show's here. and now one of america's popular show "America's Next Top Model" will now have its counterpart in the philippines of course its "Philippines Next Top Model" which will be aired sometime in january 2007 im so excited about this show and it will be host by the Philippine's Finest Model/Beauty Queen/Actress Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez-Bektaz. im sure this will be a big hit especially to all those fashionista's out there.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Newest Spot on the Net

sick of myspace,friendster or other website? well check out the newest baby on the world wide web its the chillspots
where cool people chill and meet. i just sign up yesterday and i may say that it is so nice there are some unique features you can use like you can cuztomize your profile right there no need to go and look for website to do it. so no more sick banner on your page. and a whole lot more feautures that other website dont have.

here's a few words from the moderators of the site check it out and sign up now.

Chill Spots realizes the individuality of each person and has set up an online community where you are in control of setting your own trend.

Our success depends heavily on word-of-mouth, so please be sure to tell your friends about our new site.

Check out some of our features:

FREE profile mini-site with themes, custom lists, HTML text, layouts, blogs and more!
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FREE tools to see who's visiting, who's rating and who just can't get enough of you! FREE custom URL for your profile FREE messaging system including outbox and receipts to see when messages are read FREE unlimited friends lists, realtime live chat!. FREE 1MB image upload space, user-defineable galleries, image comments! PLUS VIP status with: No Ads, Unlimited Images, Unlimited Mail! It's free to signup and only takes a few minutes, so come on by! If you like MSpace then you will love Chill Spots! "The place where cool people come to chill!"

3rd world actor

he is alfred vargas a very hunkyyyy actor from the philippines....grrrrrr i want a piece of him...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

tyra is insanely insane

is she ok? under medication? can somebody explain what have happen to tyra is she ok now?

sexy kate hudson

yes it is definitely kate. one of hollywoods finest.

sooooooooooooo sexyyyyyyyyyyy. but im sexier....

Fergie's new video

Those candies are more delicious than fergie.. but i love the song and the video

Friday, October 20, 2006

Travel: Angeles City Philippines

Angeles City is a first class city 84 Km. away from manila. its the philippines "RedLight" district yah you heard that right angeles city offers good time, fun and whole lotta of girls and some ladyboys.the famous "Fields Avenue" houses the best club,girls and ladyboy in the country just enough to give thai girls a run for there asses. of course filipina girls are one of the best in the world. well angeles city is not all about clubbin and sex. there are some other things u can do while your here. angeles city offers great foods u can try the best "sisig" while your here. if you are curios what sisig is? it is made up of different parts of a pig from ears,face and liver grilled then chop into tiny pieces. it is so delicious that other region in the philippine try to immitate it but of course nothing beats the original. it is so famous in the philippines that the local government of angeles city decided to organize a "sisig festival" it happen every december. and speaking of festival "hot air ballon festival" is bein held here in angeles city every february. we also celebrate october fest here it happen every last weekend of the month of october its a 3 days street party with lotsa lotsa beer. and last but not the least if u visit during holy week u can see some bloddy men on the streets doing there yearly sacrifice some are bein crucifix live. well there are lots of reason to come here in angeles city plus you can visit the now closed clark air base. now it houses some

museum,shopping malls,airport,hotels and resort. so c'mon
travel philippines travel to angeles city.

Getting there:
u can get here by land or by air
30 minutes by air from manila
and about two hours by land.

Hotels in angeles city

Kokomos Hotel
Orchid Inn
Oasis Hotel
Hotel Royal Amsterdam
Swiss Chalet Hotel
Swagman Hotel

Travel agents

Beeline Travel
Lakbay Pilipinas(Travel Philippines)

for more about angeles city log on to:

some pictures around angeles city

The Most Beautifull Casino in The Philippines

hot air ballon festival

for more on angeles city bars

Class Room Bar

Want Some Lollipop?

One of The Biggest Club

Nice Open air Bar and Restaurant

Some of angeles bar girl

las vegas bar in angeles

Makati Mayor Suspended.

the mayor of the fabulous city of makati was suspended among with some of his council man for some political reason. what i heard is he have some ghost employee that recieve there monthly salary without going to work they say some are dead hehe how smart eh.... well ghost are everywhere here in the philippines especially during election they still can vote even those dead even before the world war. how great eh? only in the philippines.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

madonna's new adopted son

its not angelina's thing anymore to adpt kids from other side of the world the queen have followed the trend too. she has adopted a young one from malawi.the lil one is sooooo cute and adorable. i know roco and lola will love him sooo much, and just hope he will not going to be gay like his new mom hehe....

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

dont bitch with me

east to the sea,
west to the land,
death to the bitch
that touches my man.
roses are red,
apples are sour
open your legs,
and i'll show you some power
roses are red
violets are blue
trash got dumped
and so have you
roses are red
violets are black
go to hell
and never come back
if you need a nickle
i'll give you a dime
if you need a man,
bitch dont fuck with mine
roses are red
violets are blue
god made me pretty
what happened to you?

such a nice poem i got it on this malaysian girl too bad lost track of her blog.....

My visitors

i was able to recieve 111 visitors for the past 24 hours. i so love this neo counters they are sooo cute hehe and im also able to track where are my readers from.. usa tops it all keep coming back for more...

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