Thursday, August 23, 2007

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Christina shopping in Beverly Hills on tuesday.Still no baby announcement from Christina and still hiding the baby bump.

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Britney left her kids and havin fun in Belgium. reprts OK weekly

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Zac is everywhere. check out your closet!!!

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britney's new hair do. vomit vomit

gwen stefani is one among the few artist that i love talent and clothing wise. i never saw her clothes trashy and it was never slutty. she have just made a major sacrifice for her concert in malaysia cause as we know malaysia is not liberated like us for they are still a muslim country. but despite all that gwen have sacrifices from clothes to her flirty dances the
Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party still accused her of promoting promiscuity and corrupting the country’s youth. fuck them gwen you should have just rock Manila.

Pete Doherty brought one of his kittens to the vet and the poor kitten was tested possitive for cocaine. its rehab time kitty.


Anonymous said...

henaku, britney's fashion statement scares me to death. i remember i saw some pics of her in a website where she has this big spot on her dress..body sweat ata her hair sums it all and it sucks. ewan ko ba. successful people doesn't see their worth. shame on them.

Anonymous said...

Hey, ur ryt, gwen should have stopped over in mla for a concert! (though hope ur not 2 rough on r muslim brod... peace man! hehehe)

Now Zack, dat is somethin, and where is nicole richie going to have her baby, i heard in d news somewhere dat godmother paris simply cant wait! reporting live, kapusomilya, mla, hehehe!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

My doctor-friend from Malaysia once abhorred the idea of activists disputing against Gwen’s trip in Kuala Lumpur. She’s a Gwen fan if I’m not mistaken. If I may ask, Did Gwen push through with her concert?

By the way, I’m more excited about Beyonce here in Manila this November. Sings… to the left, to the left… =)

I used to adore Britney before... =( but now...

Anonymous said...

beyonce rocks. ;) eyelavher.