Thursday, May 29, 2008


I finally watched the most fabulous movie of the year this afternoon and all i can say was wow. i dont care about the poor reviews or even if it will not break box office record the movie for me was great. i cried several times hehe yes got CARRIED AWAY. nobody died in the movie haha like all this spoiler goin a few weeks ago good thing for me i didnt read any spoiler about the movie. well what can i say after 7 years of watching sex and the city and waiting for the movie for almost a year its finally over. but it will not stop there i will still watch it for the rest of my life thats how love the series so much. the best part for me was big's proposal it was a very simple proposal and very unexpected it happen in the closet haha and they did not have an engagement ring but an engagement shoes. haha and the soundtrack was just so great my fave was the auld lang syne played during the most gloomiest new year i have ever seen. for all you satc fanatic go out and watch it.


Reyville of Simply Manila said...

will watch it soon

ardee sean said...

watched the muvee too.. :p was curious about what was more delighting, the sex or the city..(lol :P) nywayz, it was answered and yes - BOTH was just great..

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