Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Travel: Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is one of my favorite island in the philippines. well its near manila plus its way cheaper than boracay. i have been there last year for 3 times once alone and my 2nd and third time was with friends. when i first get there i stayed at sabang island where most of the tourist stayed as it is the red light district of the island lots of night club with go-go girls in the island and it is where most of the divers stay. so i feel like i dont belong there so i only stayed there for 2 days then the next day i headed to the famous white beach it is more popular for local and tourist for its more cheaper and the beach is much nicer there compare to sabang and there are lots of activites to do like jetski,banana boat,snorkeling and oher water activities. the night life in white beach is great my favorite hang out is the hiyas bar the people working there are very friendly they really entertained me while i was there. most of the people working in white beach especially at night are ladyboys and bisexuals men well they are there to serve foods and drinks they will also talk and dance with you anything can happen after all that is between the two or three or four of you hehe. white beach is also called the "GAY MECCA" of the Philippines. see for yourself when u get there but straight people will still have fun of course its not all about gay. foods and drinks are great on the island there are lots of restaurants and bar serving great foods mostly grilled seafoods. and your vacation in puerto galera will not be complete if u will not try there famous drink "MINDORO SLING" i will never forget this drink winks......Resorts are at very affordable rate there are rooms complete with aircondition and t.v for 12$ depending on the season and the quality of the hotel. credit cards is not popular in the island so better bring cash but there are banks,atm machines and tourist centre in sabang. well puerto galera is not all about sabang and white there many other island in puerto galera this are La laguna beach,Small La laguna beach,Coco Beach,Puerto Galera (main). the island is also a famous diving site for it has the highest diversity of marine life in the world. so whether u up for adventure,happy hour or just want to relax Puerto Galera is the place to be.

Getting There:
Puerto Galera is only three and a half hours
away from Manila first by bus to the port at
Batangas City and then by boat.
Tourists can also take the tourist service called the Sikat,
from the City State Tower Hotel in Manila to the
Batangas City port to Puerto Galera or Sabang Beach,

Hotels In Puerto Galera

Mermaid Resort and Hotel
Blue Crystal Beach Resort

Atlantis Beach Resort

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here are some pictures of puerto galera

Sexy german teens getting some tan

Floating Bar in sabang

underwater scene

Boats that tansport tourist from the port to the island

Big Rocks On white beach

View From The Top

View of white beach from the sea

The Crowded White Beach

La laguna Beach

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