Monday, October 30, 2006

Im in Love With James Bond

i have never been interested in any james bond movie till i saw casino royale's trailer. i said damn he is sooooo hot i love his bulge and slimmuscled body (pardon with the term) i will definitely watch this movie as soon as it lands in the movie house's here in the philippines and i will for sure will wank while imagining daniel craig F&%$*#@ me hahaha.. i just cant help it im in love with daniel craig i want him now. so if u are in any case related or can do anything to contact daniel please tell him i want him to rape me for atleast 1 month i wont sue him. i sound like a stupid perv here so what this is my blog.

me likey likey this shot nakey and wetty.

ooohh i love men with big guns..

shoooot him baby...

my james bond

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