Sunday, July 01, 2007

Pinoy's Pulls a Mexican

Who could have forget Ms USA bein Booed in Mexico in this year's Miss Universe Pageant that's really one priceless moment and its worth a page in American history. meanwhile there's an incident here in the Philippines very similar to that. it happen last night during the big night/finalnight of the crappy Philippine version of big brother. one of the finalist pictured above Wendy Valdez was booed by not one but by the whole araneta coliseum. well what can i say im not a big fan of the show but i do check it once in a while. and tell you people that girl is just sooo annoying . every time the camera of big brother is in her you can just see her flirting around the guy named Bruce there or sometime she cry for i dont know what her reason is, or bitchfighting with her other housemate what a slut. anyway she deserve to be booed. but honestly when her named called and was announced that she just landed as the 3RD placer the excitement was just not there anymore. she should have been the 2ND placer it could have been better that way.

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