Friday, June 29, 2007

Finest Pinay

Philippine election have not yet concluded with the top 12 position is yet to be announce and still been battling by Zubiri and Pimentel. but FHM Poll is already done with no questionable ballots only the finest ladies in the philippines. its truly an FHM nation.

Katrina Halili
Rank 2: Last Year 1
Rank 1 Overall

As one-half of Richard's sultry sidekicks in Lupin, Katrina has proven she can keep her fans glued daily. She's not even restricted to a timeslot anymore: Last year, she released a smoldering home video called Katrina's Fantasies, by which fans can have her any time of the day. Now she rewrites FHM history by topping this list again! Let it rain, Katrina!

Angel Locsin
Rank 3: Last Year 2
Rank 2 Overall

She was ours before she was everyone else's. Back in October 2003, the first time we had her on the cover, things were different. Three years forward and she got just what she wanted: a high-flying Croft-ish role in Asian Treasures. Also, she earned what she didn't say she wanted but we knew, even back then, she deserved: being among the Sexiest Women on the land!

Angelica Panganiban
Rank 4: Last Year 14
Rank 3 Overall

Her cover appearance last March was the fruition of the vamp potential we saw in 2004's Santa Santita, her most memorable film to date. Now we can't help thinking this is her year because, right before this triumphant moment, she nabbed a lead role in the ABS-CBN superhero series Rounin, not to mention the endorsement deals that continuously pour into her turf.

Ehra Madrigal
Rank 5: Last Year 39
Rank 4 Overall

Ehra not only stole the show in FHM's September 2006 issue, she owned it big-time! It was a debut so hot we had to prepare for a huge turnout during her autograph-signing session. And fans came in droves. Now, Ehra is theirs nightly via Lupin, where she fights baddies in skimpy and body-hugging outfits. We can understand if they're secretly praying for the series to last forever!

Bianca King
Rank 6: Last Year 5
Rank 5 Overall

Our dear Ms. King is all woman to the bone! That lip-locking episode at Boracay with gal-pal Antoinette Taus? Yep, that was real. A case of closet lesbians in action? No freakin' way! Bianca was just expressing her love for her now LA-based friend. She's sweet like that, mind! That's a trait we miss about Bianca since we saw her last in June 2006. Hope she misses us, too.

Diana Zubiri
Rank 7: Last Year 4
Rank 6 Overall

Our FHM brothers in Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia had known better what to do upon seeing Diana: make her famous all across Asia via FHM! Sell copies like pancakes (like what she's done for her own country)! Somewhere in Europe there must be some editor considering photo-shooting her, too. Can't blame the Silip star! She doesn't look like she's aged a bit!

Iwa Moto
Rank 10: Last Year 16
Rank 7 Overall

She was a future FHM babe the second she barged into the limelight via Starstruck 3. She didn't win top honors there, but the voluptuous teenstar soon became the buzz among many FHM fans. Their wish came true when GMA finally allowed this half-Japanese young babe to appear in FHM, conquering our hearts and fantasy-loving minds with her explosive debut in December 2006.

Francine Prieto
Rank 12: Last Year 11
Rank 8 Overall

People don't call her "Sensuality Queen" for no reason; staring at Francine in itself will give you a tingling sense down there. And possibly a little pain up in your neck, because she's really that tall. Such height and alabaster skin have earned Francine a number of shows in her home GMA 7—Bahay Mo Ba 'To?, Etheria, and Bubble Gang. She sizzled in Silip, too. Another towering feat!

Valerie Concepcion
Rank 14: Last Year 44
Rank 9 Overall

She starred in last year's July issue—and what a hit Valerie was! One of the busiest young actresses in the biz today, Valerie now stars in the GMA-produced, Joel Lamangan-helmed sineserye Sinasamba Kita. The acclaimed director says Valerie has the potential to make it big as a dramatic star. Who are we to contest that? We believe him 101 percent!

EB Babe Lian
Rank 18: New Entry
Rank 10 Overall

If you've paid attention to the love triangle everyone's favorite EB Babe Lian was involved in a few month's back, then you know that, among other things, she craves Hello Kitty stuff. It's easy to understand, really. Hello Kitty dolls, accessories and undies are oh-so-cute, cuddly, and fetish-worthy. Just like the very bendy and candid Lian here.


and there you have it the newly elected sexiest ladies in the land of the brown.
what they have for us this year? will they impress the filipino people and deserve to be voted again next year?

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the most beautiful model...angel locsing and angelica panganiban