Friday, October 20, 2006

Travel: Angeles City Philippines

Angeles City is a first class city 84 Km. away from manila. its the philippines "RedLight" district yah you heard that right angeles city offers good time, fun and whole lotta of girls and some ladyboys.the famous "Fields Avenue" houses the best club,girls and ladyboy in the country just enough to give thai girls a run for there asses. of course filipina girls are one of the best in the world. well angeles city is not all about clubbin and sex. there are some other things u can do while your here. angeles city offers great foods u can try the best "sisig" while your here. if you are curios what sisig is? it is made up of different parts of a pig from ears,face and liver grilled then chop into tiny pieces. it is so delicious that other region in the philippine try to immitate it but of course nothing beats the original. it is so famous in the philippines that the local government of angeles city decided to organize a "sisig festival" it happen every december. and speaking of festival "hot air ballon festival" is bein held here in angeles city every february. we also celebrate october fest here it happen every last weekend of the month of october its a 3 days street party with lotsa lotsa beer. and last but not the least if u visit during holy week u can see some bloddy men on the streets doing there yearly sacrifice some are bein crucifix live. well there are lots of reason to come here in angeles city plus you can visit the now closed clark air base. now it houses some

museum,shopping malls,airport,hotels and resort. so c'mon
travel philippines travel to angeles city.

Getting there:
u can get here by land or by air
30 minutes by air from manila
and about two hours by land.

Hotels in angeles city

Kokomos Hotel
Orchid Inn
Oasis Hotel
Hotel Royal Amsterdam
Swiss Chalet Hotel
Swagman Hotel

Travel agents

Beeline Travel
Lakbay Pilipinas(Travel Philippines)

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some pictures around angeles city

The Most Beautifull Casino in The Philippines

hot air ballon festival

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Nice Open air Bar and Restaurant

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