Tuesday, June 12, 2007

No She Didnt

Miss World 93 second princess finally admit in Philippine national TV that she was a battered wife to her Turkish husband. though its not a shock anymore, but what her husband did to her was a shocked never imagined that classy bitch will experienced being electrocuted in a bathtub,being slapped and humiliated. well one thing i could say on this one she is definitely one of the most beautiful battered wife in the world. she is one of the finest import of the Philippines to the entertainment world. and if only she didn't marry that bastard she could have been so successful now in Hollywood as a host or an actress i can even imagine her in The View or on E. well it was rumored that she have talked to some of his bosses in Hollywood so maybe she wanna give it another shot. anyway good luck Ruffa Gutierrez.

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