Friday, June 15, 2007

Spurs Wins It

And so they did it again. the spurs beat some cavaliers ass. they sweep the series 4 over nothing. grrrrrrrrr i fuckin hate it. i can still remember how i cursed the spurs way back when i was young when they beat my favorite team then the Utah Jazz. it hurts me soooo much that i promised myself not to watch basketball anymore. but i do check it out once in a while. and just like what happen earlier i just found myself watching the game. iwasn't amazed by how the players of each team out shined each others by their dunks and mind blowing fast break. but one player from the cavaliers did. hehe he was sooo cute with her bit long curly hair damn sooo cutie. i didn't leave the tv until i didnt knew he's name. the game was somehow star studded Usher was there,Eva Longoria was there too of course to support her ever gorgeous bf Tony Parker. anyway congrats to the spurs i hope this will be your last win hehe.

The Cutie Tony Parker Kissing Some Balls

Tony Parker and Finley (i guess)

Tony and Eva (Sweet)

And He is my Newest Found Love

He's Name is Anderson Varejao i will make post for him one of these days.

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