Saturday, October 20, 2007

Brokeback Mountain 2 (maybe)

Heath Ledger is rumored to be in talk for a sequel of our beloved movie Brokeback Mountain reports OK Magazine. it is said that the sequel will focus about the coming out of Ennis since his lover Jack have died already.

What you think about this? well for me i so not agree with it though i love to see some Heath's butt its just that it might loose its integrity as one of the most influential gay oriented movie of our time. One is Enough but if ever the rumor is really true im sure Ang Lee will make a better sequel but as much as possible no more part 2 for me.


ruff nurse-du-jour said...

oh gawd!! the world's favorite gay cowboys are in for another wet, kinky, and wild ride? *huwaaaattt!!!

god forbids brokeback 2 wouldn't end up as a flop. =(

Anonymous said...

uy gs2 ko yan! ehehehe.. sana nga meron! ;)

mrs.j said...

napakahirap gumawa ng part2, hindi ito harry potter or lord of the rings!

kahit nga ang shake rattle en roll hirap humakot sa takilya eh... pero umaasa parin ako na ang sang kabadingan eh magsasara muli ng kanilang parlor at aabsent muna sa mga bars at bathhaus para suportahan ang pelikula!