Monday, October 08, 2007

Everything Gossip: J.Lo Preggers With Twins?

the sexy diva have been sporting a suspecious baby bumps lately but denying the preggers rumor. just last week it was reported that she will be announcing the truth about it but this is one shocking news from TMZ they are saying that J.Lo is not just pregger with one kid but 2 yes two fraternal twins. well she's definitely pregnant for me just look at that pic.

Congratulation To Jennifer and Marc.


rhonzkie said...

yes.. that rumor doesn't die.. gee i wonder why?? oh maybe because j.lo's tummy looks a bit bigger than it used to.. and for me, it does look like she's preggy.. ha! hollywood baby watch again! nicole, xtina now j.lo..

mayee ΓΌ said...

yeah, she looks preggy alright..

.: jackie :. said...

she's a beautiful pregnant woman. ghad. ako kaya, ganyan kaganda pagnajondat ako?

i soo love j.lo.