Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Super Mega Hotness Of The Week

Acoording to sources this is a leaked photo of David from an upcoming issue of Attitude Magazine a gay Magazine in UK. but there were no confirmation yet from both the Attitude or Beckham's rep. so this can be photochopchop but who care's the ass looks great.

Anyway according to People Magazine 5 facts about David he really do love being a Gay Icon.

“being a gay icon is a great honor for me. I’m quite sure of my feminine side, and I’ve not got a problem with that at all. These days it’s the norm, and it should be.”

1 comment:

Kiks said...

he could've worked it as a gay icon. wag na lang syang magfootball.

until he proves himself, he will forever remain this to me - a loser.