Monday, September 10, 2007

Sharpay Rocks

Finally the High School Musical 2 reach the 7,107 islands of the Philippines. me and my sister's world stop yesterday at exactly 7:30 pm yah i know im old for this but damn i love this film to death. anyway the part 2 is way better than the first one but the song's in part 1 is better in my own opinion. the cast looks great except for Sharpay who is so "Fabulus" from head to toe and she is great at bein mean i love her i love her she should have killed the boring Gabriella hehe. now that i have watched the part 2 i have just started my countdown for the third one. High School Musical Rox!!!

My Favorite Scene


Anonymous said...

im trying to download it sa limewire coz the thing that i was able to watch was the first one lang.

kahit na im also old for this, gs2 ko rin xang panoorin. ehehhe.

honestly, i hate vanessa hudgens' voice. andaming pamemeke.

mrs.j said...

pero i dont feel d same feeling ng first h.musikal! saka my mga draging scenes talga!

lalo pa un "monologue"-singing effect ni troy b. ayun... haba diba?!