Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Brit is so Fucked up

Whats happening to the legendary poopstar? she is soooooo messs up right now well she's mess up since she married k-fed but things just getting worst right now starting from her disastrous VMA performance and now k-fed's almost winning the custody of their kids then her high powered divorce attorney have jut dropped her after that her former bodyguard have testify about her drug addiction,plus ET is reporting about the alleged k-fed assassination and to top it all up SHE WAS BANNED FROM ENTERING CHATEAU MARMONT HOTEL IN WEST HOLLYWOOD because of her inappropriate behavior there during her recent stay.

"Oh Brit"


Anonymous said...

ahihi...ateh, ndi ka naman galit ke britney nyan? hehe..

infurnes, ganda ng caricature ha. galing nung gumawa ;)

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

How friggin dare anyone out there make fun of britney after all she has been through.

She lost her aunt, she went through a divorce. She had two friggin kids.

Her husband turned out to be a user, a cheater, and now shes going through a custody battle. All you people care about is….. readers and making money off of her.

SHE’S A HUMAN! What you don’t realize is that Britney is making you all this money and all you do is write a bunch of crap about her.

She hasn’t performed on stage in years. Her song is called “give me more” for a reason because all you people want is MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE.

LEAVE HER ALONE! You are lucky she even performed for you BASTARDS!


~echoes Chris Crocker. =) hehehe...

Anonymous said...

ahihihi. kala ko ruff kaw un. ahihhi :D