Saturday, September 15, 2007

J.Lo' Back How's that Shitney

My fellah boricua is back with a new album,new movie and here is the video of her smashing single "Do it Well" thats how a comeback should be.


Igor said...

You gotta love it when she shakes that ass of hers.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Thanks for the visit gorjess. =)

Haay, I still blame that gurl, what’s her name? Sarah Silverman? for my britney’s mishaps. She just wrote another page of (infamy of) music history right there in her VMA performance. I’m sure she’s bound to say “oooops.. I did it again” some time in the future. =)

J lo looks fierce though. I wonder how her song would fare in the charts. Her recent release – the Spanish song of an extremely forgettable title – is utter boring (in my opinion, that is).

Kiks said...

well, gorjess, you did it and you did it well.

me dance beat na naman ang big-ass latina girl. but nothing short of being so the same with the other songs she did in the past. but it's still danceable...

except those heels. those heels!

i once danced with heavy boots on and syet, louferrignic bigla ang calf muscles kez. sheeesh!

Anonymous said...

on ruff, oh yes. i heard about what sarah silverman said about brit. i mean, yeah, she's entitled to do it but ghad, there's a place for this sh*ts. kaya cguro brit's been criticized all over.

on the topic: well what can i say? j.lo's been always great. albeit the publicities towards her and marc anthony, it doesn't stop her from shining. way to go gurl! ;)