Friday, September 21, 2007

Miss Oscar De La Hoya

On the left corner Oscar "The Tranny" De La Hoya haha i died when i saw these photos of Oscar a world champion boxer in full tranny mode haha that's hot.

but his lawyer already say that they are fake and demanded X17 to remove the pic on their site. ohh now im sad but i love wether its photochopchop or not.

i cant wait for Pacquiao to do it.

(Images Via X17)


.: jackie :. said...

naloloca ako d2!

Kiks said...

At the sight of the chuva pics, muntik na akez naniwala.

Until I saw those legs... namayat sya?

He would have made a big winner tranny though. Hahahaha!

kegler747 said...

hahaha :) bagay pala maging babae si dela hoya