Saturday, September 08, 2007

Its Official

The washout poopstar Britney Spear's is goin to open the 2007 VMA in Vegas i dont know what happen to the first plan of madge and justin opening the show.though i hate her to death im still lookin forward for her performance as britney is one of the best performers in VMA history just dont mind her singing but just in case you are somewhere and doin something important dont bother watching her opening act its not that important and just look forward for the performances of Nelly Furtado,Timbaland,Kanye West,Rihanna and many more. Mtv reported that this years VMA is goin to be a sinful one.


Anonymous said...

lola, ndi ko tlga feel c britney. I must admit highschool ako noon and ive been listening to this kind of genre pero im more of xtina aguilera. Dati nga I thought na in time xa tong mapapariwara kxe when she started singing her voice within song, nakita ko changes sa personality nia. nagpadagdag ng bubelya at kinaloka ko. sarap hampasin ng takong.hahhaa..

pero malay naten, maibalik pa ni britney ang crowd nia.

go go go gorjess! :D

yoshke said...

haaay, ako rin. di ko sya bet.

but i'll still watch VMA. for Nelly Furtado. Love. Love. Love.