Sunday, September 09, 2007

Celebrity Duets Update

Anothey Hayden Kho day have passed hehe. oh boy hayden keeps looking gwapo each week of the competition and he is getting better and better in singing too i so love the video clips they shown for Hayden because he showed off her furry chest while saying "Eto ang totoong Sergio Santibaniez" hehe soooooo cute and sexy. this weeks performances was great i love Dr Manny's performance with Allan K and Tessa of course have wowed me and the judges with her fabulous anime inspired outfit its her birthday anyway. the competition keeps getting better not to mention the celebrity are getting serious with their campaign to win its fun to watched the audience with their campaign paraphernalia some do have a big banners while some wear mask and some holding a life size image of the celebrity. anyway its a non elimination week but if i were to choose one contestant that should be voted of yesterday well its going to be Jessica. cant wait to watch SOP later Hayden and the rest of the gang will be there.

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Kiks said...

this is very interesting. hayden kho. and darn, is he goodlooking? and HAIRY!

i like hairy.

pero bat andun yung tim ba yon? what's he doing there? are you tim? or ano nga name nya?